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"Engineering support for Embedded audio and video processors” 

With its world-wide reach, and over 25 years of experience, Jasmin Info-tech has enabled over 120+ million chipsets with its firmware built-in consumer end-products. These include some of the leading global consumer brands spread across the world like in Japan, Europe, UK, US. Located at Chennai in India, Jasmin Infotech offers support across various time-zones world-wide. 

Jasmin Infotech offers highly specialized & critical engineering support, testing and test automation services. It has a world-class, state-of-art technical & engineering infrastructure for a wide range of Audio and Video products. 

Primary domains served include embedded system platforms for professional audio & consumer audio. At the chipset & drivers level the teams’ expertise is in a range of Micro-Controllers (MCU) & Digital Signal Processors (DSP) including peripherals SDRAM/Flash, ADC & DACs. 

Global Support Model: 

Jasmin Info-tech’s team of highly skilled engineers, with cross domain expertise provide the ODM/OEM a time-tested, process optimized & cost-efficient support solution. The core areas of support include: 

  • Processors - both DSPs & MCUs 
  • Tools - programming & debugging 
  • Hardware – Embedded platforms, Schematic and Layout reviews 
  • Firmware –   control & processing algorithms abstracted to APIs 

Typical tools deployed include 

  • IDE 
  • Compilers 
  • Linkers 
  • Assemblers 
  • Licensing (Evaluation, Node locked, domain specific and EZkit)  
  • Debug software & hardware for single, dual and multicore Processors
  • Consultations on processors selection, based on end-requirements
  • Insights into various technical documentation, including datasheets, reference manuals, code flows etc.
  • FAQs and Application notes
  • Sample code for proof-of-concept (POC)
  • Board Support Package validations for hardware bring-up
  • Customer board issue resolutions, through hardware analysis, issue-based simulation on reference platforms & firmware modification
  • Schematic & Layout design review
  • Custom board issue simulations
  • Memory layer compatibility reviews
  • IP and/or usage license acquisition support
  • Compiler, Linker and Loader configurations support in IDE
  • Debugging tools related issues and suggesting workarounds
  • Project & Program management resources

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