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The TaaS (Testing As A Service) offering from Jasmin is a Smart Test Automation solution with a micro-service-based architecture. This can be easily customized and scaled up to match the customer requirements. The framework has many advanced features like in-built test management system, integration services, remote execution, embedded device control, data analytics on test results, user management and permissions.

The framework ensures end-to-end data security for the client by employing firewall, authentication & authorization at all the layers and by delivering encrypted data throughout the process. API Gateway used to handle all the tasks involved in accepting and processing concurrent API calls, including traffic management, CORS support, authorization, and access control, monitoring and API version management. This cloud-based solution can readily integrate with all widely deployed continuous integration tools and can fit into the CI/CD pipeline seamlessly.

The framework helps users in identifying deficiencies in their existing system, utilizing the data analytics capabilities and a data driven approach. The TaaS framework drastically reduces infrastructure costs, as itleverages on the capabilities of advanced cloud services.

  • Supports all major embedded hardware interfaces like I2C, SPI, Ethernet, UART etc.
  • Log validation – Parse and Validate based on inputs
  • API Based validation on Embedded devices
  • Auto Upgrade / Downgrade Firmware
  • Interact with Signal Generators and Analyzer’s
  • Audio / Video Generation
  • RF signal Generation and Measurement
  • All Audio Measurement Test using APx585
  • Audio and Video Quality Test
  • Image Quality Assessment
  • Audio Video Streaming
  • HDMI CEC Test
  • Mobile App - Remote Monitoring, Schedule Execution
  • In build Integration with CI / CD, Bug Tracking Tools
  • Chatbot

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