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On-site [Customer Location/One Roof @Jasmin]: "Test Automation for Soundbars, AV-Receivers and Pro-AV Products"

Jasmin-Infotech's Test Automation suite is a productivity enhancement platform covering the functional & qualitative testing requirements of the product prototype.  The framework executes automated test cases for the Soundbar, AV Receiver and Pro-AV product features and compares the actual versus expected results in quick time with minimum cost.
Test Automation - developed by Jasmin -, enables users to create, customize, execute, and optimize their workflows. The framework offers many advanced features including:

  • Test stream generation 
  • Remote control, playback device control 
  • Output measurements and display the performance analytics on derived data. 

It uses Ethernet, Serial, USB, and IR interfaces to communicate with Soundbars, AV-Receiver & Pro-AV products. The automated test framework also supports

  • Reporting and data Backup 
  • Test packages and Integration with other test management tools  

It provides users with all the necessary options to test all features of Soundbars, AV-Receivers & Pro-AV products; thereby enhancing efficiencies and accuracy and minimize the test-time.

Offsite [Remote]: “Hybrid Cloud based Test Automation”

Jasmin-Infotech's Test Automation– a cloud-based test automation provides a one stop solution for customers to automate their testing requirements for embedded products and applications that uses black box approach, through different hardware and software interface accelerators.

The framework offers advanced features including:

  • Quick, easy test automation development and deployment 
  • Covers wide range of connectivity features
  • In-built test management system 
  • Data analytics on test results and Remote test execution 
  • User management and permissions 
  • Supports integration of CI/CD pipeline and reduce infrastructure costs 

The framework ensures end-to-end data security by employing authentication & authorization. API Gateway used to manage all the tasks involved in accepting and processing of concurrent API calls, including traffic management, monitoring, and API version management. 

  • Supports all major embedded hardware interfaces like I2C, SPI, Ethernet, UART etc. 
  • Log validation and API Based validation 
  • Auto Upgrade / Downgrade Firmware 
  • Interact with Signal Generators and Analyzers
  • Audio / Video Generation and streaming 
  • RF signal Generation and Measurement
  • All Audio Measurement Test using APx585 
  • Audio, Video and Image Quality Test 
  • Audio Video HDMI CEC Test 
  • Mobile App - Remote Monitoring, Schedule Execution 
  • In build Integration with CI / CD, Bug Tracking Tools  
  • Chatbot 

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