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Audio has evolved over the last two decades and the recent object-based audio formats have revolutionized the Entertainment industry. Jasmin takes pride in having grown along with it in parallel. Our several world’s first audio implementations on DSPs stands proof for our rich expertise in this field. We are preferred partner for providing low latency, scalable, real-time solutions for consumer audio applications ranging from flagship AV receivers, soundbars, true-wireless headphones, networked audio, amplifiers, head mounted displays. In the space of pro-audio, our solutions are available in conferencing systems and public announcement systems. Our solutions have stringent compliance to the applicable standards such as ISO/IEC, AEC etc.,

Our classic audio suite consists of curated audio processing algorithms. Our real-time framework solution caters to the need of BD-ROM, broadcast, streaming contents and has intelligence built into it to take care of dynamics of real-world contents.

  • Complete Audio Signal Processing Solutions on DSPs
  • Home Theatre, Soundbars, Lifestyle Speakers & Headphones
  • 35+ Algorithms and 130 Combinations of Audio Signal Chain
  • Legacy, High Definition to Object based Audio formats creating Immersive Sound Experience
  • Curated Audio algorithm suite such Bass Management, Equalizer, Surround Algorithms
  • Auto bitstream detect (ISO/IEC Standards)
  • Low Latency Audio solutions
  • Multi-Zone Audio Framework
  • Seamless switching for contents and sources
  • 100+ ISO/IEC Standards & Updates
  • AES Standards
  • BDROM & Multimedia Standards
  • HDMI, HDCP, Security Standards
  • Personalized Audio for SPORTs Broadcast
  • Scene based AUTO mode selection (Media Intelligence)
  • AI Enabled Personalization of Audio
  • Auto calibration of speakers
  • End to End solution for Voice UI
  • Curated Pre-processing Algorithms
  • Intelligent Audio Mixing w/ Voice Response
  • HDMI Driver, HDCP Compliance
  • HDMI Solutions for TV, Camcorder
  • Support ARC, e-ARC features

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