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Jasmin Infotech has developed SMART TEST AUTOMATION Framework, which is customizable, reusable, flexible and robust. The framework has many advanced and creative features including integration with third party apps, API, drivers, Interfaces such as Ethernet, Serial & USB, reporting services, backup services, test packages and performance analytics and data analytics. The framework having the ability to automate and produce complete end to end tests for multiple embedded devices (Pro video - video streamers, Touch panels, Cameras, and pro audio -sound system, Amplifiers, various audio cards (Dante, Cobra net etc.), native and custom applications with great power and control. The framework ensures broader and robust control and consistency of product quality while reducing manual work hours.

  • Built-in libraries to interact with interfaces - Serial (RS232/USB) and Ethernet (SSH/Telnet/HTTPS).
  • Realtime diagnostics
  • Log validation – Parse and Validate based on inputs
  • API interface-based validation on Embedded devices
  • Auto Upgrade / Downgrade Firmware
  • Interact with Signal Generators and analyzers.
  • Interact with app UI Control and Properties
  • Audio / Video Generation
  • All Audio Test using APx585
  • Verification based on Audio properties
  • Audio Record and compare
  • Video test Artifacts Identification
  • Image Quality Assessment
  • Frame Analysis
  • HDMI CEC Test
  • Audio Video Streaming
  • Integration with Test Management Tools (JIRA, TestRail, etc.…)
  • Reporting services-Web based
  • Visualization and analytics support
  • Backup services

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