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Jasmin Infotech, a leading provider of test automation solutions utilizes Restful API's for our automated embedded software testing platform. The solution is targeted at products with embedded software and is customized for networked AV products. The test automation solution - built upon the RESTful-based automation framework - validates the functional and security requirements specified for the end product.

The solutions can be deployed for automating the testing of networked Home Theater AV receivers, Soundbars, and Multi-Room Streaming Amplifiers. A wide variety of configurations are feasible with API-based test automation platforms.  The solution includes a validated and complete suite of software for automated testing of networked AV systems. These are deployed via Ethernet interfaces.

Jasmin’s offering and services ensure end-products are bug-free secure & of the high-quality standards that the markets demand; thereby yielding a high return on investment (ROI) for the OEM

  • Automated API testing on Embedded device operations.
  • Connectivity with Audio and Video over IP products.
  • Protocols supported- Restful, SOAP over HTTPs, WebSocket
  • Message Formats – SOAP, XML, JSON-RPC, Java Objects
  • Microservices based applications for quicker require faster automation.
  • Inbuilt script library with reusable, scalable and portable functions.
  • Integrating systems with custom plugins.
  • Retrieving data from DB, configuration files and Excel sheets.

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